Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Eye colour depends to a great extent on the pigmentation of the iris. Normally blue eyes, in addition to the iris pigmentation, are also caused by a factor called the Rayleigh scattering of light that makes the sky appear blue. Low levels of melanin in the iris make it appear dark thereby reflecting shorter wavelengths of light causing the blue color. While eye make-up for all types of eyes is not constant or easy, for people with blue eyes make-up is easy because any contrast color would highlight blue eyes and make them appear beautiful.

Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

While applying make-up to blue eyes, it is very important to first wipe-off all old make-up. Once done the eyes would be similar to a blank canvas. This would help in enhancing the beauty of the contrast colors because if the ‘blank canvas’ is not created, the new color may gel with the old color giving a totally different output than what is expected.

Once ready, it is important to apply a primer to the eyelids in order to prepare the eyes for the contrast color. If not for blue eyes, a black primer can be used which usually goes down well with almost all skin tones. Since blue eyes are special, it is very important to choose the right color while applying a make-up. If a primer is not readily available at hand, a concealer might also be used to create the desired foundation. The benefit or reason for using a primer or a concealer is that it helps the make-up to remain longer periods of time without fading away or fading out.

Since blue is a cold color, it is imperative that warm colors are used to make the eye shadows. Some of the commonly used warm colors that will enhance the beauty of blue eyes are browns and coppers. Sometimes, pale blues may also look good but will have to be tried on to ensure the desired look. One precaution to be kept in mind is that colors brighter than the color of the eyes should never be used as they make the eyes look dull and gloomy in comparison to the eye make-up.

Finally, the eye shadow can be blended to give a uniform look. Mascara can be used for the eye lashes so that they appear long and bold. Sometimes, eye lashes can also be curled up to properly highlight the eyes or to provide that ‘popping’ look. Usually brown mascara goes down well with blue eyes and helps in providing the right contrast.

While this is one way to apply make-up for blue eyes, there are also other ways of highlighting and projecting the beauty of blue eyes. A sheer shadow or a matte shadow in combination with tons of overlapping contrasting colors can also be used to beautify and highlight blue eyes. Make-up really depends on the occasion and how the individual desires to appear apart from the color of the attire and the other accessories.

So, eye make-up should always be considered in tandem with all other aspects of the wardrobe and the accompanying accessories.

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