How to do Your Eye Makeup- Step By Step Guide

| January 18, 2014


How to do Your Eye Makeup Right

Eye make-up accentuates and highlights the beauty of eyes. A lot of women prefer eye make-up because it takes little time when compared to other make-up techniques, considerably increases the beauty and makes the person look more expressive and finally there are a number of options available in terms of colors and shades. While all these are the positives, eye make-up sometimes may turn out to be little tricky if the eyes are not properly prepped or if the right colors are not chosen. Hence, it is essential that women know and understand the steps involved that will help them have a good eye make-up.

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Here are a brief set of steps that will help in a proper eye make-up:

  1. As a part of the preparation, eyes first need to be cleaned of any old make-up and colors as a means of prepping them up for the current make-up session. A concealer first needs to be applied as the first layer in order to cover dark skin or under eye circles that are present around the eyes.
  2. Next, an eye-shadow primer needs to be applied in order to make sure that the make-up stays for a few hours. Eye shadow primer helps to hold the shadow in place for longer hours. What we need to ensure is that the primer is not greasy or sticky because such primers will mar the idea behind using it.
  3. Once the shadow is done, use an eye-liner to line the eyes. Line the eyes as close as possible to the upper eye lashes. Dar eye shadows as eyeliners will be a perfect choice.
  4. Once the eye lining is complete, apply the eye shadow. There are a number of creative ways of applying the eye shadow. A single color can be used or a layered approach, where multiple colors can be part of each layer, can be used to give a rainbow effect. It really depends on the occasion and how you want your eyes to look.
  5. Then, brighten up the eyes by using an eye shadow on the inner corner of the eye. This will make the eyes literally pop out.
  6. It is important the eye brows are not neglected during an eye make-up session. The same color of the shadow used for the eye can also be used to highlight the eye brows.
  7. The eye lashes are equally important. Curl the eye-lashes so that they appear long and beautiful. Curlers can be used for this purpose. Heating a curler with a blow dryer and then using it may provide enhanced benefits but make sure it does not burn the lashes.
  8. The final step would be to apply mascara to the lashes ‘bottom-up’. This would help to make the curled lashes look long, beautiful and strong.

While these are some of the basic steps that would help in getting a proper eye make-up, we can be as creative as possible in experimenting with colors and shadows that will best suite us.

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