Natural Eye Makeup

| January 18, 2014

Eye make-up is tricky and requires a lot of skill to get the shades and the colors right. While it is a tad difficult, for people who have a good understanding of colors, this is a child’s game. A lot of people, of late, have started preferring the natural eye make-up to Smokey make-up or other types of complex make-up styles and techniques. The natural eye make-up is easy to wear, quick and yet make the right impression when done properly.


While the basic steps to wear an eye make-up are the same, there are a few variations to the complex colors. However, natural eye make-up is easy and with practice can be mastered by anyone. There is no dependence on parlours or beauticians for the natural eye make-up. Here we present below a simple set of steps related to the natural eye make-up. While the steps are not exhaustive in nature, the basic idea is to provide an overview of how a basic natural eye make-up is done.

Before starting off with any eye make-up it is essential to clean the face with a liquid cleanser, specifically cleaning out areas where previous colors or mascara are left over. Using cold water is advisable as it prepares the skin for the make-up session that lies further ahead. For people, who do not prefer to wash their eyes, they can use a cleanser lotion with a cotton swab to get rid of the old colors and shades.

Once the basic preparation is ready a primer should be applied so that the make-up has something to stick on to for a longer duration. The application of a primer is purely optional in nature. After the primer, it is essential to use a concealer in order to even out the color of the eyes with the skin. Concealer is used to hide the black circles and dark areas present around the eyes.

The next step is to apply an eye shadow. Depending on the color of the eyes, the skin tone of the person and the hair color, an eye shadow that suits the purpose and the occasion can be selected. Normally the trend is to use a medium color on the eye lid while using a dark color on the crease.  While this is not a hard and fast rule, this combination is recommended by make-up experts. If possible different colors that go together can be mixed and matched.

The next step is to apply an eye liner. Once done, the eye lashes can be curled in order to make them appear long and flowing. The curler can be pre-heated in order for the curls to be perfect. The last step in the natural eye make-up process is to use mascara to for a dramatic effect. However, care should be taken to see that excess of mascara should not be used as it may result in clumps a little later.

The natural eye make-up is the easiest and the quickest way of elevating the beauty of the eyes. Good color combinations will add to the glamor and beauty of the eyes.

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