Natural Makeup – You’re Still You!

| January 18, 2014

Natural Makeup

Makeup is something that women use on a daily basis. Everyday one cannot use green and pink color; sometimes natural makeup is what looks best. There are a lot of ways by which natural makeup can be done. It depends heavily on the skin tone of people.


When women opt for natural eye makeup, they like to go lip colors that are fun like coral and pink. Also, adding colors to the eyes without dramatizing them is of utmost importance if you are going or the natural look. Urban Decay is a good brand and it blends very well. Also, some of their products are vegan and none of them are tested on animals, which makes it a brand that will suit most of us.

Start by applying primer to your upper lids. This should be of your choice and whatever suits your skin the best. This acts as a base and helps to keep the makeup intact for long. You can use your fingers to apply the primer. You should have three eye shadows with you. One should be dark, one medium and one dark.

Take the light shade and apply it on your upper lid. You can use a fluffy eye shadow brush and get the eyelid covered in it but do not go up to the brow bone. Take an angular brush or a brush that is less fluffy than the first and apply the medium toned shadow to the outer corners of your eye and the crease.

The darker shade goes under the brow bone. You need to use a clean fluffy brush to apply this shadow. Now try and blend al three of them so that they look shaded and not like three different patches on your eye. It will also help to soften the darker shade. Now you need to add liner to your upper lash line. Use a liquid liner or any other of your choice and line your lids. You can end by adding mascara to your lashes both upper and lower.

This is a natural look that is common and a lot of people can be seen supporting it. Usually the eye shadow shades used are shades of brown because they give off a natural look. Basically it depends on your skin type what you should use for a natural look.

If you just follow these steps and use the right makeup, your look will have transformed and it won’t look like you’re trying too hard. Makeup is basically art and your skills develop overtime. Right now you may not know a lot of tips and tricks but over time it will come to you.

Natural looks are one of the easiest to wear and you can add them with any outfit. You need not spend hours in front of your wardrobe trying to decide what to wear or what shade eye shadow to use. It all comes easily with this look that anyone can pull. Just do not be hasty while you are applying your makeup as that ruins everything. All the best!


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